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  • No Drama, Just Darts

    You don't have to be sly to hit the bullseye. Be ready to have a good time at Top Dog Vending Summer 2014 dart season. Contact Cody Wiant at 307-631-7842 if you want to join a league!

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Top Dog Vending | Cheyenne, WY

Dart League:

Summer Payout – August 27th at 7pm at Redwood.
Fall League sign ups with follow after Pay out on August 27th.
Fall League Sign Up – September 3rd at 7pm at Eagle’s Lodge.

Pool League:

Pool Player Sign up September 4, Keg N Kork Liquors & Lounge at 7Pm
If you have any questions please call Patti @ 307-631-3436 or send me a nessage.we wil be starting the 23 of September.



  • Sunday: 4 person teams
  • Monday: 2 person competitive doubles
  • Wednesday: 4 person teams
  • Thursday: 2 person open doubles

Best Dart and Pool Leagues

Have fun and meet great people when you join Cheyenne’s best dart and pool leagues. Whether you missed your calling as a professional dart player or would never be considered a pool “shark,” we have a league for you. Join a pool or dart league based on your particular skill level.

With our year-round leagues, we always welcome new individuals and groups. Check back for more details regarding our upcoming Fall 2014 season, beginning in a few months.